Bang Bang

Bruno Mars photo - James MooneyBeng Beng Beng.

I am now old enough to have enjoyed various decades of what I consider soul music. I had not heard Femi Kuti‘s “Beng Beng Beng” in quite a few years, and when I first heard it, I had not the experience to grasp its full essence (late bloomer, LOL) even as the lyrics and tumbling percussion painted vividly across my mind’s canvas. It’s tame compared to a lot of what’s out there today, but in 1999 it was banned in Nigeria.


Zoom Zoom.

It’s today, and I have heard and re-heard Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla” at an age where I finally know what it’s all about. Stunningly primal and more explicit to my ears, but delivered in the same ingenious way:  the vibe is conveyed via  rhythm and voice (and Mars is a veritable acrobat). As with Femi’s tune, I realize that it’s “not for everyone,” but it sure speaks to ME.

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Download Files for Bob Wilmer

Bob Wilmer photo by Tony JulianoThis page is dedicated to the late Robert Leon Wilmer.


Sources are many and varied, as these are personal photos and mementos. Please be respectful of this archive, it is being offered as a service, and not for any profit whatsoever. Bob Wilmer photo by Tony Juliano.


Bob Wilmer passed away peacefully at the Roy L Schneider Hospital on Sunday,January 6, 2013. Born in New York, he made St. Thomas his home 1n 1971.


Bob was a former Rotary President and member, and is best known for hosting the “Sports of All Sorts” broadcasts on WSTA, Lucky 13, where he was also the Sports Director. His final arrangements were handled by Turnbull’s Funeral Home.


Bob’s circle of friends celebrated his life together at Tickle’s Dockside Pub on St. Thomas, on Tuesday, January 22nd.



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