I Believe in CrindelStar!

I believe in CrindelStar!

This item could be in the category 4 Fun because it’s presented as a child’s story, or $tuff (since I did purchase and download the story and song), but I prefer to place it in Cogito.

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Hopes Still High for V.I. Broadband Initiative

(Originally posted on my Facebook page, thought I’d share it here!)


Meeting with Sen. Malone on Broadband Initiative in the USVI – 10/07/11


davismalonemingsSenator Shawn Michael Malone met with two members of the Facebook group VI Consortium Peritissimos Technology today regarding the ongoing work towards our participation in the Broadband Initiative in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The two members of the group that were present did not speak FOR the group as a whole, but as individuals, we did wish to find out from the Senator how things are going with the Broadband Initiative. 

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