I Believe in CrindelStar!

I believe in CrindelStar!

This item could be in the category 4 Fun because it’s presented as a child’s story, or $tuff (since I did purchase and download the story and song), but I prefer to place it in Cogito. I place it here, because my mind went all aflower on just hearing the song, which launches when you hit the main web site for CrindelStar – Where the Universe Dreams.  You can turn the audio off, but I recommend that you listen closely to the song, a paen to the bliss of sinking into all of one’s dreams without reservation or doubt.  When you allow yourself to be embraced by your dreams, you create the most beautiful high… try it sometime!  Instead of just wishing for something, see yourself in the midst of enjoying it down to every minute detail – sights, sounds, flavors, emotions, tears, thrills… this is what enthusiasm and joy can do to create immediate happiness as you place yourself into alignment with your dreams.

CrindelStar is the (dare I use the word) … brainchild of St. Croix United States Virgin Islands native Gigi De Lugo, who was relocated to the continental United States as a young girl.  I will share with you a post she made to me on Facebook:  “The story came from my experience of moving to Washington, DC when I was 8 years old, and leaving my beloved St Croix, the rainforest, beaches, and most of all, my friends and culture. So the little girl, “Maria”, in CrindelStar’s story — expresses what so many of us have often experienced, both as children and adults.”

Did you read that?  She said “adults”.  Because we are exactly who we always were, from the beginning of our awareness, shaped by the circumstances and guiding examples around us.  We sense things just as we did the first time, but over the years, we have tempered and filtered our behaviors to suit norms and societal dictates.  Among the items we toss is believing in miracles.  Even if we are practicing in a faith, many (well, most) of us have abandoned hope of our dreams ever coming true.  Our personal touchstones, shamans, angels and avatars hover just outside of our reach, overwhelmed with sadness at our casting them aside because we believe “fact” instead of in ourselves.

CrindelStar the purple unicorn, has come back for you, with a message, a great secret.  And that is this:  “It’s OK to believe!”

It is Gigi’s dream to see this message be shared all around the world.  Here I do my teeny tiny part, will you?

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