TechBox VI Apple Mac Store Visit

tech vi logo smallUPDATE:  Web site now online:

Made a quick in & out of the new Apple Mac store on St. Thomas, TechBoxVI… impressed with the place even though this is not the “grand opening”… that’s set for October 1, 2011.  Treat yourself to a sneak peak and you’ll see what I mean.

For now these pics will have to do.  You may click any image below to view a slide show.

The place is owned by Mr. Glenford Carty.  A gentleman named Cedric gave me the nickel tour, including the training room in the rear, where on-on-one training will be available to their customers.  The opening of this new outlet will provide greater variety to Mac users here on St. Thomas, and maybe help a few PC users consider their next computer purchase, or simply integrate some goodies from the Mac world into their lives (iPad, anyone?).

At this time I am told they are accepting resumes, and the telephone number to call for any more info is 340-777-2775.  The web site is coming soon, so bookmark and await the dawn of a new day for users of all Apple products:!


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