Norton’s Power Eraser

I’m glad I don’t need it!  I’m also glad it’s out there.  Norton Power Eraser is what you run when all else fails… and according to one of my friends who just happens to be a tech pro, it does the deed and does it well.

This tool is very “search and destroy”, so it would be best if administered by someone who knows his or her way around a hard drive… make sure you have all your software discs (including the operating system) handy because chances are you’ll have to reinstall something.  And, please don’t let me have to tell you that you should already be doing regular data backups because you may just lose a lot of files, too.

Not to take any bread off the table of Symantec, but we should all do everything we can to stay safe:  install a reliable antivirus/antimalware program, make sure you update your programs regularly, and keep your operating system up to date.

If you don’t know how to do these things, help files are your friends!  Open just about any program, click “Help”, and check out the options, among them there is usually something to do with updates… or click “About”, visit the developer’s web site and check out the documentation.

Computers are not like cars.  You cannot drive them around the web without knowing at least how to change the oil and check under the hood now and then.  If you are not wanting to involve yourself to that extent, pay a tech pro to keep you straight.  But I warn you… in the digital world, ignorance is very expensive.

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