Free is Always Fun

When it comes to fun, getting free stuff is at the top of my list!  For years I have followed Kim Komando, the Digital Goddess… it started with her sydicated radio show and went on from there.  Signing up for the Kim Komando Free Newsletter means that I have free stuff delivered to my inbox on the regular.

Imagine free music lessons from a superstar, mobile apps, teaching applications for special population members, or even a campground search… Kim grants it all for free!  She even archives it in a Downloads Library so you can get to what you missed.  To get started on getting good free stuff from Kim, you should sign up for her newsletter so you are notified of anything new.  Or, bookmark and visit her website,

Kim Komando has though of everything, except what hasn’t been developed yet!  Make sure you don’t miss any of the freebies at!

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