Techbox VI – St. Thomas

There’s a new group on Facebook called Apple (Mac) is the best!!! which I signed on to because I, too, love my Apple computer.

There I found mention of a new outlet… a store called TechBoxV.I.  Will have to pay a visit.  I have a source for my Apple products (nearby PC Paradise at Al Cohen’s), but variety is always good for the consumer (my motto).

The store is in the Havensight area, at the old Modern Music Location.  The group creator noted this store as the only Apple Authorized Retailer PLUS on island.  In case you did not know, Apple simply does not ship to individuals in the United States Virgin Islands, we must always utilize an authorized retailer, or have a friend or relative act as intermediary.

Most intriguing is the note that we can get our Apple stuff at manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) – no markup… I’ll be wanting to check that out too.  Apple Mac products are premium quality and certainly not cheap.

I’ll let you know what I find out… unless you tell me first!

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