REVIEW: The Moonshine Jungle World Tour: Intimacy in Wide Open Spaces

by Anita Davis (special to Bruno’s Lady Club)

Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour 640x360The arena darkens; a curtain featuring majestic palms is illuminated with pulsating lights, and a disembodied voice states, “Welcome to the Moonshine…. Jungle!” As blue lights glow, a rhythmic mélange comes to the aural foreground, and then… Bang! The curtain FALLS to an oceanic wave of emotion and cheers. Tens of thousands are about to be possessed deep in the heart of la jungla (the jungle). Bruno Mars and his Hooligans Band are poised to slay relentlessly, without mercy.


This is the Moonshine Jungle World Tour (MJWT)/Moonshine Jungle Tour (MJT). From June 22, 2013 to October 14, 2014, a musical juggernaut plows through Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania, leaving audiences ecstatically exhilarated and transformed.

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REVIEW: Philip Lawrence “Letters I Never Sent” – Love, Loss & Redemption

letters-i-never-sent-coverAnyone choosing to listen closely to Philip Lawrence’s debut LP “Letters I Never Sent” will find her/himself looking into a mirror. If the human condition was ever so gently and well served, it is through every poetic line of this underrated and under-promoted work.


We all know the things we should have said but did not, the things we wish we’d let someone know, the letters we ourselves never sent. Here, we have the privilege of getting to know the range of one individual, a full 360 degrees of love, loss, and redemption.

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